Bangladesh PC Market Maintained Plateau in ‘07

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Friday, 4 January 2008

Political instability may have led to a slowdown in Bangladesh’s business investments, but the PC market has managed to remain as it was in Q2 07. According to a recent IDC study, while the market showed a declining trend starting from the first quarter of the year, Q3 07 showed the least with less than one percent decrement sequentially.

IDC expects shipments to stand still year-on-year to reach 185,000 units in 2007 due to floods, political turmoil & hurricane in recent months.

Nonetheless notebook expansion continues to grow as public awareness on the products are growing rapidly despite the negative tension on the market.

“As the natural disturbances & political instability affect all business segments, the market remains stagnant and unpredictable for its future outcomes,” says Handoko Andi, IDC Associate Market Analyst.

“Nevertheless, healthy demand on PC as awareness continues to grow should keep the market to a more optimistic growth next year.”

Although traditional PCs remain the largest share of PC shipments, it has gradually declined to 79 percent in total during Q3 07, loosing 12 percent of its market share when compared to same quarter last year. While notebooks accounted to 19.7 percent of the total market share, the rapid growth was affected by the weakening desktops demand in both consumer & commercial segments. In contrary, notebooks have gained popularity in consumer segments despite the negative trend shadowing the market.

Both consumer & commercial segment are set to expand strongly with a healthy 19.6 percent growth in 2008, surpassing 200,000 units. Overall, Bangladesh PC market’s growth will be supported by IT spending from business investments, especially in Medium to Very Large Businesses with each increment ranging from 18 percent to 42 percent year-on-year. Furthermore, notebooks are also expected to increase rapidly in Home segment and Large to Very Large Businesses.

With the government committed to holding the elections before end 2008 end, many speculate the year will be experiencing more instabilities. However, as the recent period remains calm and conducive, IDC expects the market will be on track in 2008 where growth will continue to be driven mainly by whitebox products, as it remains the mainstream PC in the market used by both consumer & commercial end-users.


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